Spring time in Seoul

Back in seoul cityyy! yeeaahhh

You know why I love Seoul? it actually reminded me a lot of NYC, a busy metropolitan city that feels young, alive, and has everything to offer. not to mention the food!

Anyway, since I’ve written a lot about Seoul and Korea already, this time there’s only a few things I wanted to add on the list, new places I went on my last trip


  1. Bukchon hanok village

If you want to wear hanbok while walking around old korean buildings, then this is the place! you see many people wearing hanbok in gyeongbokgung palace, but the place is too crowded and the spots for you to take photos at are very limited. However, in bukcheon hanok village, the area is quite big, it’s the real old town of Korea, people still actually live in these buildings, I bet they’re quiet annoyed by people walking and taking pictures in front of their houses. lol

There’s a lot of shops that offer varieties of hanbok, you don’t need to reserve anything beforehand, you can just come and choose your hanbok in your selected store. If I’m not mistaken the store closed quiet early, so you better come in the morning or after lunch



2. Style nanda pool party in Myeongdong

If you’re looking for a place to take cute pictures at, then you come to the right place. As you may or may not know, this is actually a cosmetic store, they have a cafe on the top floor, where you can enjoy the outside weather while sipping coffee and take pictures.

Don’t anticipate a lot tho, there’s not much to see in the cafe area except for a pink bean bag and umbrellas. still, the photo will turn out cute



3. MBC

we wnt to MBC because of our obsession towards infinity challenge. Besides we’re really hoping to see celebrities while we’re there. lol. MBC is located in an area called Digital Media City or DMC. DMC is the center of the Korean big broadcasting media companies such as MBC, SBS, JTBC and CJ E&M.

You can go from one broadcasting network to another since they’re so close. A few networks even offer a paid tour for a drama set experience.



That’s it guys! follow this blog for more travel update




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