While we’re young (Europe trip)


Exactly a month ago, I went to Europe with Andra, well basically he was sent by his company there. They were invited by Lamborghini Italy to come and see the factory and also to try riding the Lamborghini in a circuit. How fun is that! so I decided to tag along. lol

Bologna was the first city that we visited. Just hearing the name you know it’s where spaghetti bolognese originated from. This is also the city where they make Lamborghini. The factory is located in ant’Agata Bolognese, 35 min from the main city. When we arrived at the office it’s pretty huge. We went to see the Lamborghini museum which located under the office. Even though I am not fan of cars, I found it very interesting and it’s a pleasant place to be for a couple of hours. The museum is not large but is beautifully presented. The museum has all of the models throughout the history of Lamborghini and even a few of the concept cars as well.

Aside for the Lamborghini museum and factory tour, Bologna is a very small city, there’s  nothing there. All it’s main attraction are basically located in the same place. We went to Piazza Maggiore and Basilica di San Petronio, which was only 3 blocks away from each other. But the cathedral is unique tho, it’s unfinished and will forever remain in an unfinished state.

After spending 2 days in Bologna, we fly to Frankfurt Germany to visit the circuit. The circuit is 2 hours away from Frankfurt, it’s called Nurburgring. We went backstage at the Lamborghini lounge while waiting for our turn to try the Lambo (unfortunately only pertamina staff allowed to try it). After waiting for an hour all the pertamina team went to the circuit to try riding the Lamborghini, driven by a professional race car driver. They said it was beyond exciting. I’m so envious and I feel left out 😦

Well Frankfurt is more civilized than Bologna just because there are more people and places to see. But I’m also not a fan of the city, I think I’m just not a fan of Europe in general. The city is soooo gloomy.


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After Andra’s ‘DINAS’ trip, we wanted to extend our trip to visit other cities, and Swiss was the first city that came to our mind. It’s close to Frankfurt (6hrs by car and faster by train) and has AMAZING views, also I’ve never been there, so we were very excited to extend the trip. After indecisively changing our plain ticket, we just realized that we’re broke, unfortunately after counting the cost that we’re gonna spend there we’re like *hands up* we can’t. lol. Switzerland is so expensive and we ran out of money, so we decided to just go to Amsterdam and stay at his sister’s apartment. Free accommodation :”) whoop whoop


Amsterdam is one of my favorite city in Europe, it’s very homey and has almost everything. It’s easy to commute there and everyone is so friendly. However, like other Europe cities, It will get boring after 3 days. It’s not big, the “must visit” places aren’t much, so we got bored and just can’t wait to be home in our apartment.


oh! and just a brief paragraph. So his other sister is staying in Rotterdam and we decided to pay her a visit. She took us to Saks fifth avenue (off fifth) in Rotterdam that was just opened. I thought it’s weird that they open a store there, but it turns out it’s where they put their last season’s collection at, it’s like an outlet! Branded stuff, huge discounts. This is a must visit place for you guys who likes to shop.

That’s all, will hopefully write another travel stories in the next few months

Ps: for any questions regarding this trip or any other trip on my blog, you can just send me a message




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