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Good morning!

I get these special feelings every time I visit New York, like I feel genuinely HAPPY. I just got home from my most favorite city in the world. It’s always refreshing and sad at the same time. Sad that I have to leave 😦 anyway, let me tell to you a little bit of what I think about New York. I grew up watching series that are filmed in NYC (sex and the city, gossip girl, MTV TRL, etc) so before I even went I already fell in love with the city. When I went for the first time it felt so magical to me, like I ‘don’t ever want to go home’ kinda feeling.  I love the United States, but New York is definitely my favorite. It’s so alive, dynamic, fun, and scary at the same time. It’s so complicated but in a good way. So for you guys who are planning to go on a trip but still hasn’t decided where to go, I’ll make it easy for you to decide, New York is the right choice!


Moving on…


I want to share with you guys some of the places that i went from this New York trip with le fam.

  1. Woodbury Factory Outlet

If you read my previous New York post, you’ll know that this place is a shopping heaven. Everything is on discount, big discount. Especially the New York brands such as kate spade, tory burch, coach, etc. They were all so cheap (compare to the original price). This is a must visit place when you go to New York

  1. Korean town

Wherever I go nothing’s gonna separate me with Korean food hahaha no wonder Seoul is so alive, even the Korean town in New York is so fun. I mean the streets are full of lights and open until very late. There are so many youngsters and lots of beauty shops around the area.


  1. Soho


HANDS UP MY FAVE PLACE TO SHOP! lol. we keep going back and forth to this place, just can’t get enough of Soho. So many places to explore and so many shops to see, it is exciting and we’re in love with everyone in this place, people were all looking so fashionable, it’s insane! Soho street style is something you usually see on pinterest. legit right?

  1. Dover street market

The ‘it’ place for anyone who wants to shop fancy. This store got the coolest stuff in the city, but it’s crazy expensive either. Make sure to prepare your money.

I want to tell you guys a funny story about our experience here. In New York, you have to queue to get in to some of the most popular restaurants and stores. Before, we’ve queued for the supreme store in soho, and when we went to DSM there were people queueing also, we asked the bouncer if we have to queue to go into the store and he said “this is only for the sneakers”, so Andra was like “lets queue, if people are lining up for this sneaker then it must be a good one”, so we did, we queued for like 40 min. The bouncer takes 5 people to go up every 10 min, and when it’s finally our turn we were taken to the 2nd floor of the store and had to lined up again, there was this one person asking each person “what size?” (kyk antri sembako gitu) we were dumbfounded, we haven’t even seen the shoes. lol. I was like “oh i’m with him (pointing to Andra), it’s not for me it’s for him”, Andra was also in panic mode “ah.. uh.. emm..  size 11?” and then they gave him the Nike shoe box. When we open it, it was was Nike flyknit, we were like “what? isn’t this available in other stores too? well maybe this one is special” So Andra, under the pressure of already holding the box and everyone was looking at him, he went to the cashier and pay! hahaha. Social pressure at its best. He doesn’t need more shoes, he’s just pressured that everyone was looking at him and waiting for him to pay. Thankfully he’s now happy with the purchase, the shoes looks good on him and also got featured on hypebeast, so that’s good right. lol

  1. Top of the rock

When I went to New York a few years ago I didn’t get the chance to go to this place, so this time I make sure I did. The view was incredible tho, New York is just so beautiful in its own way. The city view is magnificent.


One hand in the air for the big city, Street lights, big dreams, all looking pretty. No place in the world that can compare. Put your lighters in the air. Everybody say: “Yeah!”


  1. Hmmm liberty?

We went to the Staten island ferry port and there were so many “calo” in front of the port. We were looking for the information center but It’s so hard to find it there, so of course, like any other tourists that didn’t do any research, we got fooled by the calo. We ended up buying the water taxi or the hop on hop off boat because she said that boat will go around the liberty also. Our first stop was Brooklyn, we got off, had a 15 min of fun in DUMBO, and then we had to wait again for like 1,5 hr for the next boat. It was 40 degrees outside so we were toasted. We decided to go back and take a cab home. So no liberty for us. lol.

Word of advice, please buy the ticket online first and don’t get fooled by those people. Tq

  1. Broadway

Always love Broadway! I cried when I watched wicked before, I am a huge fan! This time I went to see the winner of 6 categories in Tony awards this year, including best musical, Dear Evan Hansen. I didn’t look up any synopsis, just read online that it’s a must watch.


It’s soooooo gooooddd!!!! Even Andra who was not a fan of any musical drama said it was so good. The story line is so simple, stage (compare to wicked, beauty and the beast, lion king) is also simple, but how they act, how they tell the story, is really beautiful. It is a must watch Broadway musical, no wonder Dear Evan Hansen won so many awards.

  1. Central park

The ‘it’ park of all parks in NYC! Strolling around this place is never boring. The view is great and the calming feeling of being in the park in the middle of a busy city is so nice. Makes you feel grateful in some way.

Be careful if you go alone tho, the park is huge so you can literally get lost in the park.


  1. The met


The metropolitan museum is one of the most famous museums in NYC. I like museums, it’s calming and there are so many things to see. When I was there, there was a CDG exhibition right on the 2nd floor, we went there and see the weirdest piece of clothing we’ve ever seen. lol. Well it’s art, what can you say. It’s “unique”

  1. Yankees stadium

Located in the Bronx, we decided to pay this stadium a visit. The truth is we just really want to see Bronx, Yankees stadium is just an excuse. lol

  1. Some foods

Me and my family tried the famous Peter Luger Steak House while we were there. It’s located in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood. It is said to be the best steak place in the country. We got the steaks, cream spinach and German potatoes. The steak was cooked exactly as we requested and was excellent. I can’t imagine there’s a steakhouse that can top this place. It’s expensive but worth the try.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset


Shake shack is a must visit place when you go to New York! So far this place is my favorite fast food restaurant. I must say that for a fast food stand this place is pretty expensive, but worth the price. I love the peanut butter shake, cheese fries and the shake stack burger. I’m drooling just imagining it

Lombardi’s pizza is the first pizearia in NYC, it’s located around soho, don’t know the exact street. I tried this place with a huge expectation, yet it disappointed me 😦 actually me and my fam were all disappointed, I guess because of the reviews and everything we did expect too much from this place. The pizza was huge, so if you’re planning to visit the place, make sure to order just 1 (up to 3 people can eat this)


I scream for ice cream! I’m so sad that I didn’t get the chance to try some of the best desserts in town that my friend recommended. But I’m happy enough to have tried some of these ice creams though;

  • Momofuku, A corn flakes flavor ice cream with toppings on top of it. It was so good I can eat this for breakfast.

  • Kith ice cream, Kith is actually a shoes store, but they have this 1 area where they sell cereal mix ice cream. Like mc flurry but with cereal. I’m a huge fan of cereal esp. fruit loops, so I’m so happy with the ice cream flavors that were offered by this place.

  • Serendipity. Been to this place before and been craving for this since day 1. Have been forcing Andra to eat the “frozen hot chocolate” for dinner. lol. Taste as amazing as always, but it’s definitely not for 1 person to eat alone. the bowl was big so you need to share. 

Well New York has never disappointed me, love this city to the bones.

That’s it for now,

xoxo, Lala


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