Glossier, Milk makeup and Lush review

I promise you guys on my insta stories to review some of the products that I bought from my new York city trip. So these are my thoughts on those products.


Let’s talk about the mask first, at first I really thought that this mask will give me breakouts, because it’s clay based mask, and I’ve never found any clay based mask that is suitable for my sensitive skin, but this one surprisingly does. Slowly, it’s also have lighten my dark spots. Been using this for a week and so far i’m lovin it!The texture is thick and creamy and it smells like mint chocolate chip ice cream

The lip scrub on the other hand does not give any significant effect on my lips on the first try (read so many good reviews about this product, maybe I should use it some more). But I’m lovin the scent, the scent makes you feel like eating the whole thing.


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Milk Blur Stick

Milk makeup is everywhere in NY, in Sephora (always located in the main area), urban outfitters, and also several other makeup stores. The unique packaging and campaign got me hooked, so I decided to try the blur stick and the highlighter. I’m not a huge fan of the blur stick, it should’ve minimize the appearance of pores & fine lines for smoother skin, but I still prefer benefit porefessional on this area of expertise. The highlighter I loveeee! it’s very pigmented but natural at the same time. It gives a very natural looking dewy looking highlight and lasts all day on me. I can’t stop using this.

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Above : milk’s highlighter – LIT // Below : Glossier highlighter – quartz




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I don’t know why I bought another highlighter in Glossier when I already bought one, but I really want to try the haloscope highlighter – quartz because the reviews are so good. however, compared to milk’s highlighter, this one is not so pigmented, you need to use a lot to finally see the color. When the milk makeup one is more to gold color, this one is more to silver. I do like the way this product looks when done right, but it requires too much time to do everyday.


I love the texture of the serum, very light weight and easily absorb. I bought the pure serum because it supposed to reduces fine lines and wrinkles, hyper-pigmented spots, red blotchiness, and skin sallowness (yellowing), and increases elasticity. My biggest regret is not buying all of the serums.



Milk jelly cleanser is also one of my best buy. The texture is the best! after using this you really feel like your skin is becoming smoother and bouncier (like jelly). The cleansing power is not as great as oil cleanser, you still have to use oil cleanser before this. But trust me, this is really worth buying. You’ll love it


I love drug stores, seeing all the makeup there is exciting. I can spend more than an hour there and ended up buying just one item. lol. Anyway, I saw this Maybelline Master Camo Color Correcting Pen and I ended up buying the red and green one. Green supposed to cover redness and red is for black under eye area. These products provide full coverage correction with a creamy texture. Still haven’t try this with a full makeup on, so far what I think about this product is that the green one is ok but the red one is too much. It’s really red so you have to cover it again with foundation.


Hope this will help you guys on what to buy next 🙂


Thanks for reading!





  1. I’ve been thinking about getting the super serums for a long time now but I wasn’t exactly sure if it would work on my skin. But after reading this, I think I might try it out!

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