Honeymoon Avenue – Iceland

This is it! The highlight of my trip. This is the place that I’ve been wanting to go! A lot of people might think like “what’s there to see in Iceland? There’s only ice, what can you do there?” dude you are sooo wrong! Yes it’s not a place for you to live nor stay for a long time, but there are lots of things to do there while you’re on a holiday, and not to mention the extraordinary breathtaking view! It was to die for.


We rented a car because I read a few blogs before my trip and  they said that if you want to go to Iceland you have to either go with a tour or rent a car, no other option. So we decided to rent a car. Again, it’s a bit expensive, and if you forget to order online, you can order straight from the airport (if the car is available), but if you want to book online make sure you book straight from the legit website, don’t make the same mistake as I did ordering from a 3rd party web and when I arrived in Iceland I had to pay extra insurance. Total rip-off


We visited blue lagoon when we were there (of course), and I love this place sooo much. You’re in a huge hot pool with lots of snowy mountain surrounding you, the water is blue, you’re sipping you’re blueberry juice with a mask on, just chillin’ . Man life is great! Lol. But don’t forget to book your ticket weeks before your trip. It’s very popular, and afternoon tickets are usually sold out earlier than the evening tix.

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Since we have a car and I read in this one blog that the golden circle tour is totally accessible with rented cars, so we decided to give it a go. It was a total of 5hr drive from the hotel and back. It’s not really the destination that matters, but the view that you can see along the way was amazing!!! Really though, the landscape in Iceland is like nothing I’ve ever seen.

We also get to experience a crazy wind in the middle of the road that makes all the snow moves and everything around us was all white, it was scary (since we rented a swift and it’s not a 4×4 car, and it’s totally my fault) but hell of an experience.

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While we were there we actually booked 2 tours, the northern lights tour and the snowmobile experience. We take the $50 northern light tour, they take us to a deserted place 20min from the city away from the pollution and everything, I tot that we can actually just take a car and drive to some place out of the city, but it turns out that it’s a bit dangerous for a tourist to drive at night outside of the city because there’s actually no street lamps outside Reykjavik, so it’s better to go with a tour.

The tour cannot promise us that we will see the magical northern lights, so it’s all pure luck, and fortunately  we were so lucky that we got to see one. It was magical of course, but if you expect like you can see those beautiful colors with your eyes you’re totally mistaken. It was colorless, it’s more like a shade, you can see the movement but you can’t see the color with your eyes. However, the camera can. So my advice is to bring a good camera and a TRIPOD. A tripod is very important or else you’ll get a picture like this (yes I didn’t bring any tripod)

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The awesomeness doesn’t stop there, we booked a snowmobile experience trip while we were there, we were like “let’s give it a try! Why not?!” it’s expensive that’s why. Lol. But you know, you’ve traveled so far, and it’s Iceland, you have to give it a try eventho it means you can only eat nothing, it’s worth it. Hahahaha.

The tour is called the mountaineers of Iceland; they picked us up at the hotel with a cool truck, and at the mountain area we switched to a cooler bus that they use to take us to the top of the snowy mountain. Even before we get to ride the snowmobile we already get to experience something fun on the bus. And when we reach the small house located in the middle of a snowy mountain with lots of snowmobile parked around it, In there we changed to a more suitable clothes to ride a snowmobile. My husband was the one who drive and I was on the back, enjoying the icy cold weather and the breathtaking view. Really, I can say this like a hundred times, but It doesn’t feel like we’re on earth, it feels like we’re on another planet, or even the moon!

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The one thing that we regret was not to stay a bit longer, because there are so many things to see yet the places are so far from each other, so we need more time for the drive. We didn’t get to visit the south coast and see the black sand, the ice cave and also the glaciers, which is sad. Well maybe next time right? There’s always a next time… I hope.

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PS: The food in Iceland is sadly very expensive, so make sure to bring food from home or bring lots of money $$$$$


Happy traveling!




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