Honeymoon Avenue – Stockholm

I’m soooo excited to write about my honeymoon trip last month. I HAD A BLAST! And I just can’t wait to share it all with you guys.
My main destination was Iceland, but since the plane ticket was already expensive and it’s also very far, of course we want to explore other cities too. So we decided to add Stockholm, Paris and Amsterdam on our list.

I personally always wanted to see this city, Stockholm is Sweden’s gorgeous capital, this is the city where my grandma is from and where my dad grew up, and it’s also the city where H&M, COS, Ikea, Nudie, etc came from.

Stockholm was our first destination, we stayed at Hotel with Urban Deli and hell we are so happy with our choice. This hotel is not just a regular hotel, it’s a mix concept of art, restaurant, market or food store, bar and also bakery. Don’t get me started on the location; it’s located in the center of everything and walking distance to everywhere. The hotel design was superb! You know when you first step your foot in Stockholm that they have a great taste in design, lots of furniture store, with a clean and modern concept, this hotel is like that, it has a great design, well like its name “urban deli” it’s also very urban. The room was rather small tho, and no window at all because all the rooms were located in the basement area. But overal, I totally recommend this place

Since we don’t have any itinerary for Stockholm, except that we want to visit my family there, we were so lost that we decided to take the hop on hop off bus. It’s was not cheap at all! But we were like f*ck it, while we’re here right? but if you already have an itinerary, might as well just take the public transportation.
The city is gorgeous! It’s a mix of “European style” and simple clean modern design. You know when you see the font that they’re using on the subway (I know it’s totally random), or the transportation card design, or the layout of a place, you know that these people are so creative and take their design very seriously. But the buildings are still very European tho.

We also went to Gamla Stan or Stockholm’s oldest town, the Gamla Stan is where you find the most beautiful architecture, characterized by its yellow buildings and cobblestones.

Another thing you should note that Stockholm is expensive!  In central Stockholm an entree will cost around $30. Seriously, $100 will be gone in a blink of an eye.

But overall I still think that you should definitely visit the city, I think that Scandinavia in general is a great Europe travel destination. While it may be an expensive region, everyone speaks English, there’s excellent tourism infrastructure, the destinations are generally quite safe (just forget about the recent tragedy), public transportation is great, and their cities are beautiful.

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Happy Traveling!





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