How to overcome the quarter life crisis?

It seems that everyone around me is having the same problem, we are going through the quarter life crisis and there’s nothing we can do about it. This is just another phase of life that we need to overcome.

To be honest, I’ve been here for quite a while. Not when I turned 25 no. But I think it was a few years back after I graduated from college. Let me tell you a bit about my situation, I love traveling. For me traveling the world is a dream and reason of my existence (lebaay). It also involved me living in other countries and traveling to lots of cities, however, the reality is, my mom is quite strict. My mom loves me that much that she just won’t let me go anywhere far from her. Whether is for school or work, no reason can get me out of her side. So that’s one dream down. Yeah, thankfully I feel okay on not chasing my dream and being a corporate slave for the rest of my life. Isn’t that ironic.

Another thing, my generation hates being a corporate slave, including me, but most of them are brave enough and have the courage to gave up on monthly income, throw some of their money and time to open a business. because I’m not. I started working since 2011 , since then I supported myself financially and never asked anything from my parents. So if I want to open a business and take it seriously, I need to save up quite a lot because of unexpected situations (what if to build the business take longer than I thought, What if it fails, etc). And I just don’t have the courage to give up on my monthly income, I just need reassurance that’s all.

So how do I overcome it? I don’t. I’m still in this situation, but I feel like it’s almost ending. Why?

  1. I started to accept the reality that I’m in
  2. I’m firm on some of my choices
  3. I’m not confused anymore
  4. I have fun and feel happy because of the small things

So did I overcome quarter life crisis? not really. I just live that’s all, but of course, I also pray to god for it to be over quickly. lol. but other than that, you just need to live and figure out everything slowly. Stay chill and have a moto of “hmm okay, whatever”, only then you survive. (another lol)

How about you guys? any tips and trick to overcome the quarter life crisis? just leave a comment 🙂



      • Just please ka Lala, cause you’re both too cute! Aku ikutin ka lala yang super jarang publish something privacy kan dan tau tiba-tiba mau nikah i’m sooo happy (sure!) so please let me know how 🙂

      • lol. i dont know how. hmm basically di kenalin aja sm temenku yg which is sahabat adeknya suamiku and it goes from there

  1. hello lala.. probably we have the same feeling bout this crisis but in different situation.. mine is my parents want me to get married ASAP while until now I still haven’t found my partner yet.. actually, I enjoy my free time being single.. I can focus on my work and hobbies, but sometimes I feel like a bit selfish by not taking my parents’ want seriously.. actually, it is not because I dont put any efforts, but I just have not met the true one.. *jadi curhattt* and this feeling sometimes just makes me lost and insecure. I cannot overcome this until I get married, which means still long long way to gooo. so, there is no other way aside of that. but there are still many ways for me to be happy by not thinking of it too much and just trust to God’s plan. and I love your point especially “I have fun and feel happy because of the small things”. yesss. I always try to make myself fun by simple things and it really works. like I love kpop songs (guilty pleasure but I have to admit, they are awesome!) so I follow them and watch their concerts, or travelling, or just meet up with old friends, have some silly chit chat.. friends are definitely the best medicine.. but need to make sure you have the REAL ones.. good luck!

    • Hi,

      I think a lot of my friends are in the same situation as you right now. we’re indonesian and living in indonesia, and for some reason in indonesia most of the parents want their children to get married asap, and I totally understand that it’s a burden. I just met my husband 2 years ago, i was 23 back then and my mom was also pushing me to get married before 25. yet i didn’t have any partner. I felt the same way as you, and i also felt insecure as fuck. but you see, marriage is a big thing, don’t rush into things if you haven’t find the right one. Lucky for me I met my husband that year after being single for 2 years. but it’s also lucky for you, you have all the freedom to do things you want to do without having the responsibility of being a wife rite? lol kalau mikir positifnya sih gtu. hehe. good luck jugaa 🙂

      • kak lala, makasi udah berbagi, jadi ga ngerasa sendirian ngalamin semua ini huhu

  2. Hi lala!

    I always love to see your blog karena tulisannya informatif and you have a beautiful skill on photography <3. Quarter life crisis sucks yaaaa, but I agree with you we should just overcome it with joy. Dan aku juga setuju banget sama kamu yang nulis kalo banyak seumuran kita yang pada bikin bisnis and it's kinda cool huh? Sementara kitanya pekerja kantoran.. Selalu iri dan kagum sama orang yang gak terikat sama jam kantor dan bisa kerja kapan aja dimana aja mereka mau. But well, kerja kantoran (walaupun bosan) seenggaknya memberikan ke stablian finansial dan melatih disiplin kan :'D

    Cheers ❤

    • hi!

      Thank youuu. So happy knowing that this blog is useful to other people. iyaa setuju bgt, at least untuk sekarang emg kalo mau mikir positifnya at least we have a stable income which lumayan menenangkan hidup juga ya hehe

  3. Hi Lala!
    Glad that I’m not the only one who has to deal with quarter life crisis hehe. I’m 25 yo too, and my mom asks me to be married soon, I mean, she’s not forcing me to be married bcs I’m willing to do that, besides I have a boyfriend, too hehe. My boyfriend’s also agreed to marry me soon, but the problem is his elder sister has not married yet (sigh). You know, in Indonesia “ngelangkahin kakak” in marriage things is not common.
    And I agree with that bosan jadi karyawan dan pengin buka usaha aja, tapi monthly income juga salah satu yang bisa bikin seneng.
    So, be grateful and I guess good luck for us and everyone who has commented in your post 😀

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