Beauty story products

I received a lot of beauty story products and I will review them one by one.

So basically I’m not a makeup expert, I’m judging this completely based on my preferences and my skin type. My daily makeup routine is very simple. Eyebrow, Eyeliner and a little bit of cc cream, so I’m just gonna review the one that I’ve been using.


  1. CC Cream Real Compexion

I don’t own foundation, because I feel like I’m wearing a mask and a thick base everytime I wear it, I don’t know, maybe its just me, but that’s why I use CC/BB cream instead (altho my dermatologist said that bb/cc cream is not really good for the skin). Anyway, I also don’t really use the cc/bb cream all over my face, just on the few spots that I want to cover, which is my nose and undereye. This cc cream doesn’t work like magic, I tried better cc cream than this, but the coverage is pretty good, it makes my skin even and clear. It also has SPF 30++ PA, so you don’t need to use sunblock anymore.


Score : 2.8/5

2. Highbrow Eyebrow Micromatic

The pencil is too slim for me, but the color dark brown fits my eyebrow perfectly. I’m currently using this everyday

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Score: 3/5

3.  Eye Line Line Up Liquid Eye

Eyeliner is my life, my eyes look very puffy without it. I can go out without cc cream, eyebrow pencil, powder, mascara, literally everything, except eyeliner, that’s why I stocked a lot of eyeliner at home. My favorite eyeliner of ALL TIME is mischa’s liquid pen liner. However, If you’re looking for a cheaper eyeliner, I would recommend this beauty story’s eyeliner. The brush is a bit hard, but the liner stays very long and the black color is solid, and it doesn’t smudge easily.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Score : 3.5/5

4. Mascara Midnight Dream Black

This one is my FAVORITE out of all the beauty story’s makeup. I rarely use mascara because it’s hard to wash off and it would make my eye area black after wearing it. But I do wear mascara on weekend to make my eyes pop. I used to love They’re real! mascara from benefit, It lengthen your eyelashes, however it’s incredibly hard to wash that’s why I don’t use it that often. But then I found this! This product is really good! it lengthens your lashes, stays very long, and the most important part is that it is very easy to wash. I really recommend this. I would definitely buy this again when it runs out.


Score: 5/5


The great thing about beauty story is that other than its cheap price, it is a local brand made originally in Indonesia. So buying this meaning you’re supporting indonesia in the global market.


PS: All these products are judged by my personal experience and preferences.



  1. Hi, I love this blog post! Keep up the great work!

    Feel free to check out my lush inspired blog, I’d love it if you could like/follow! Thanks have a great day!

    Justlushthings X

  2. Hi, just curious is micromatic a local brand? Where could I find one? That eyebrow product looks really interesting. Dont ppl usually search for thin ones so they could draw more precisely? Why didnt you like it?

    I’m sorry if thats too much question^^; it’s just, I’ve been looking for an affordable thin brow products like anastasia brow wiz and this made me excited!

    • HI 🙂

      Maybe because I don’t like to draw my brow precisely. lol. I like natural looking brow, I don’t really find the sharp and clean shape eyebrow attractive. I do draw the outline of my eyebrow, however I always smudge it afterwards.

      The product is REALLY cheap, I mean you can just buy it and try if you like it or not. you dont have to think twice. hehe

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