That engagement thing

Today is Friday, i’m currently at work and still waiting for my uber. I don’t know what to do since I’ve done all my tasks for today. So I decided to write something on my blog.

I actually don’t like writing or talking about my relationship to strangers, but I feel like sharing this one experience to you all.

So I just got engaged last Sunday. YEAAAY! yes it was such a big moment for me. I’m 25 yo, I’m at the age or period where my friends are all getting married, so being engage is a common thing at the moment. However, I never felt like every wedding planning, marriage talk, hall reservation was real until last Sunday.

I prepared this engagement party (well its not really a party) all by myself, literally. I work office hour so I don’t have much time to prepare for the small things or put much effort into this, thus I decided to use only 1 vendor for everything, catering, tent, chairs, AC, etc (not recommended tho). One month before the event I tot that everything is already taken care of, that’s why eventho I prepare the event alone, I was very laid back about the whole thing. However, a week before the engagement, things started to happen.


  1. I forgot to call the PLN to increase the electricity load
  2. My vendor was very hard to reach and I started to get very anxious (what if they cancel last minute, or what if they are a fraud, oorrrr bla bla bla)
  3. Kain batik that I wanted to wear was not fit and I needed to sew another one
  4. Forgot to pick up the sound system from a friend’s house


Thank god that I finished everything by saturday, one day before the event. I was super tired and I still have to wait for my vendor to arrive. They promised that they’ll come at 3pm, I waited for hours they still didn’t come (anxious moment part 2). The AC finally came at 6, chairs were at 8 along with the tent, catering table was promised to be set at 8am the next day (which is on the day of the event), backdrop came at 10pm. I woke up the next day and found out that the backdrop they installed was not the one that I requested. I requested a simple gebyok with flowers. This backdrop came instead



It looked like somebody else’s house or my neighbor’s window. hahaaha. but I just let it go since I couldn’t care less about the backdrop that day.  All I care is that everything runs smoothly and everybody’s happy. Preparing for this event alone was exhausting! Dude you have to ask for help, don’t think that you can do this alone. Lesson learned.

Yeah but thankfully everything went well which is pretty cool! lol. That’s one down, a few events to go :” finally everything feels real now, I’m getting married! counting down the months. Bismillah




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