Lombok 2016

I spent my new year holiday in Lombok and I’m in love with all its beaches! I’m gonna share with you a little bit about my Lombok trip.


I stayed at svarga resort hotel in Lombok. The place looks awesome from the outside and from all the photos on the internet I expect a lot from this hotel, however, it was less amazing than what I expected. I stayed at Deluxe Adna with pool room. The pool and the living room was on the 1st floor and the room was on the 2nd floor.

The downside about this room is that the TV is downstairs and they don’t put another tv on the room. Which is a problem for me because I usually sleep with my tv on. BUT! If I didn’t expect so much I would’ve love the hotel. A very interesting and artistic hotel.

2. GILII !

I spent one day in Gili trawangan, I didn’t expect the island to be so alive, I LOVE GILI! island live atmosphere with all the nice food and restaurants. There’s no motorbike nor car in the island, so we either have to walk or rent a bike. which is pretty cool, since the island is so small it’s not a problem.

I went snorkeling and my friends also tried spearfishing. Saw a lot of pretty corals and fishes, so i’m pretty satisfied. We desperately want to stay at Gili for New year, however we haven’t booked any hotel and besides we already booked a room in Lombok, so we went back to Lombok at 5 before the sun sets.

Advice : Stay at Gili at least one night !


On my last day in Lombok my local driver take me and friends to see some of the beautiful beaches in Lombok. The beaches in Lombok was veeery clean and had the most amazing view. It was a public holiday when I was there so all the beaches were crowded with locals from other area, yet the beach is still very clean. However, It’s hard to enjoy yourself with that many people. I suggest you to come on low season so you could relax, swim, enjoy the beach and the view.


My driver recommended us some restaurants so we decided to give it a try. We went to eat Ayam taliwang the famous chicken in Lombok. You must try this chicken! super delicious and very spicy. You can ask the waiter for a non spicy chicken, but it wouldn’t taste the same. Also before heading back to the airport we paid a visit to a small cafe in Senggigi called GULA GILA. We can find this kind of cafe in Bali a lot, but it’s super rare in Lombok.


Overall I had a great time in Lombok! For all of you who want to have a lot of fun with your friends you should go to Gili, because there weren’t many nice restaurants or cafes in Lombok, so if you want to chill and play at the same time, you should go to Gili, however for you who want a relax and calm holiday, or a trip with your family, Lombok is definitely the place.

Bye for now! happy traveling and HAPPY NEW YEAR 🙂




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