My first diving experience


So I started my training a few weeks ago. Every weekend we would go to simprug to train in the pool. We learned basically everything that we need to know about diving. While we learned the basic training of diving we also have to finished the written exam/quiz. Since I got my license from RAID, and RAID has online web and app, so we did the test online. Don’t worry, there are manuals in the web for your guidance, so you can do the test while opening the manuals.


After we finished training in the pool and completed the exam, the last test is to go diving for real. We went to pulau pelangi in kepulauan seribu. Spent around 2 hours speed boat trip and you’ll find this island in the north of Jakarta with clean and white beach. The beach is considered pretty and relaxing for pulau seribu (since it’s located very close to the city). Some trash but not too much to be overly concerned about. The hotel only manage half of the island while the rest is abandoned. If you’re looking for a luxury resort this is not the place, however, this place is so relaxing even though it’s a bit rustic (just being nice there saying “a bit” hahaha)

We went diving 4 times. If you want to see something pretty you have to go by boat to the diving places around pulau seribu. If you dive closely to the the island, you can barely see a thing.

But overall it was a really nice trip and I got to see a lot of beautiful corals and also an underwater ship wreck. It’s pretty awesome!


Happy Traveling!

Love, L


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