What’s going on in Singapore

TOTALLY FORGOT TO POST THIS ONE! it’s been staying in my draft for months hahaha so now i’m posting it!

Went to Singapore a few months ago . I visited a 2 new places I haven’t visited before. It’s a new experience, however, I never missed universal studio and orchard road every time I went there. So anyway, here are the 2 places I recently visited.


Potato head always have a dope concept and design. So I’m pretty curious about this one. They also have three buns original menu on their menu. I love the truffle burger in Three Buns Jakarta (well basically i love everything that contains truffle), but my friend said that the truffle burger here is much more tasty. So i’m dying to try it out!

However, It doesn’t really meet my expectation. All the burger menu is twice expensive than the one in Jakarta, especially the truffle burger, it only costs me around $8 in Jakarta, yet it costs around $30 in here. And the taste is pretty similar. So definitely doesn’t worth the price. We also ordered the naughty fries (SGD 10) and truffle fries (SGD 20), trust me, in terms of price and taste, naughty fries all the way!



I came a across a photo of my friend who went to this place on Instagram and I thought It’s pretty cool so decided to take a look. have to take an endless stairs to get here, and the weather was not so friendly either. When we get to the bridge, My body was full of sweats and the place was so-so, very disappointing. we were like ” oh this is it? ” hahaha but if you have some spare time in Singapore, it’s okay if you want to take some photos here or maybe even exercise.

Processed with VSCOcam with 4 preset

Eventho those 2 places I visited didn’t really meet my expectation, I had lots of fun! weekend getaway is always a good idea 🙂

Happy traveling !




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