My first trip to Yogya

Went to Jogja last week for a little getaway. It was really refreshing and to be honest I didn’t expect it to be THAT FUN!

So I went there with 4 of my friends, 5 including me. We stayed at Greenhost hotel at Parangyangan. The location reminds me of Seminyak Bali. It’s a street with lots of cafes and hotels. I love this hotel, it’s affordable, cute and comfortable.

The only downside is that because it’s a “green” hotel, we can’t use too many electronics at the same time or the switch will go down. It’s hard for me to dry my hair because everytime I turned on my hairdryer the power went off.

Merapi Lava Tour

This activity is surprisingly fun. So many things that you can get along with a beautiful journey. In this journey you have your gut tested to try off-road ride on a Jeep, exploring the area around the line of cold lava or hot volcanic ash flow.

The steep contour of the land forces the jeep’s engine to work hard to run through the sands and the scattering big rocks. The car will rock heavily, you’d need to hold on tight and align your body movement to the jeep so you wouldn’t throw yourself out of the car. It may scare you a bit, but strangely you just can’t get enough of it. It makes the trip super fun!

Apart from the fun and adrenalin rush, Merapi Lava Tour will also provide you with a thorough understanding and description of Mount Merapi.

I’ve got a lot of memorable moments and I wanna go back!

Sate khlatak pak pong

We went to the famous lamb sate in Jogja, which is sate khlatak!  The meat is uniquely put on a skewer made from used bicycle wheel skewers so the meat is grilled perfectly from the inside and outside. It is only seasoned with salt and served with a bowl of gulai soup but it is so full of taste.The lamb is so tender and any menu you ordered is grilled perfectly.

Make sure to call fist before you come, the place can get really crowded at times, especially on weekends.



Since this is my first trip to Yogya, of course I have to go to the famous BOROBUDUR! I was being a typical tourist, taking photos at every spot hahaha.

The place was soooo beautiful. Me and my friends was actually planning to see the sunrise from Borobudur, but as you may expected, we’re late. We ended up watching the sunrise from the car.



Plataran Yogya

There’s not much to say about this place. After our borobudur trip we came to this place to eat breakfast. The place was nice and peaceful. There wasn’t that many people, well when I went there there were none. hahaha. The view was really beautiful but the food is just so-so, and it’s a bit pricey for Yogya.


Tempo Gelato

I love ice cream! I am a huge fan of Gusto Gelato in Bali, so when I found out that there’s an ice cream store similar to Gusto I was so excited to try it out. Fortunately the place was very close to our hotel, it takes around 10 min by foot.



Ullen sentalu

We can learn the Javanese story from this museum. It is a museum located in Kaliurang. It is a charming estate full of antiques and pictures of the royal family. The tour lasts  around 40 minutes, and we weren’t able to walk around by ourselves.

The tour was very well organized and professional. Since it’s a museum, in Yogya, of course there’s a mystical atmosphere in there. hahaha. just kidding. but seriously it’s a bit creepy, but overall I like how the museum present their stories, it’s like hearing fairy tales.

Taman sari

This place creeps me more that ullen sentalu, this is where Dunia Lain’s “Uji Nyali” take place. This place was a water castle, this was the Sultan’s bathing place.

The tour took longer than ullen sentalu’s (because the guide asked us to take photos at every spot -__-” ) and when I was there the sun was crazy! so to be honest I didn’t pay attention to the guide since I feel like throwing myself into a swimming pool full of ice. hahah. really it was super hot, it’s like being inside of a microwave. Okay, back to taman Sari, overall it was a great place if you want to know more about the history of Yogyakarta.  


I had an amazing and super fun trip! you should visit this city with your friends too, you’ll have an amazing time!

Happy traveling!




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