Bikram Yoga

Yesterday was my first day back in the yoga room after a month off. It’s because I had to go to New York for 2 weeks and after I came back I become lazier to do any physical exercises, so I skipped another 2 weeks of Bikram class. But yesterday I’m finally back in the hot room again (yeaaayy), but It was crazy hot, hotter than usual, I think my body needs to adapt to the heat again. It really felt like it was my first class again. :s

Bikram yoga has become my favorite physical exercise since the first time I tried it (evetho it was hell). It’s a life changing experience for me. So now I’m gonna share my Bikram yoga experience with you.

When I visited my friend in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia earlier this year, she took me to this gym that has a bikram yoga class. So I went there with my 2 friends. I’ve tried hot yoga a couple of times before, so I think this would be easy for me. But I was wrong! When I first set foot in the hot room it literally took my breath away! It was so hot it was hard to breathe. It was way hotter than hot yoga. I knew ahead of time that while you are practicing Bikram yoga, the teachers ask you not to leave the hot room until the class is over (which sounds like torture)

the locker room

The class started with 5-10 minutes focusing on slow breathings. The heat didn’t feel intense until about 30-45 minutes in. At that time my only thoughts were “when will this be over?”, not good since the class was 90 minutes long and consist of a set series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises (brb dying).We laid down and I felt all the blood rush to my head. A few times during class I got a little light headed and towards the end of practice I felt a ping of nausea, but I powered through it. Before I knew it 90 minutes had literally flow by. We had done breathing exercises, standing postures, balance poses and more. When it’s done I was a hot, sweaty mess! But I also felt pretty good, It was a really rejuvenating experience for me, I felt relaxed, felt like my body has become lighter, and I just can’t wait to go back for more!

When I was back in Indonesia I continue going to bikram classes. After taking a few classes, I lost weight and my skin looked radiant too!

For me, The only bad thing about Bikram is its price. It’s super expensive, but it’s worth it tho. Oh, and did I tell you that it’s addictive too? 😉

* Bikram Yoga in Jakarta:

1. Senayan

Plaza senayan arcadia, leverl 2, senayan, Jakarta.

2. Kemang

JL. Kemang Selatan Raya No. 2, Bangka – South Jakarta Two Kemang Place 2nd Floor, 12730  Indonesia

3. Kuningan

Kompleks Rasuna Epicentrum, Jl. H. Rasuna Said

* Yoga class prices: (Senayan & Kemang)

1. Single Class: 165,000

2. 1st timer (weekly): 450,000

3. 10 Series (60 days limit): 1,350,000

4. Monthly Unlimited: 1,590,000





  1. hi – thank you for posting details of bikram yoga locations in Jakarta. Im often in the city on business trip so this info is really useful.

    you wrote above that you also went to a bikram yoga class in KL. may i ask for the name of the studio please? I’m going to be in KL next week and would like to continue my bikram yoga practice. i searched the net and have really only found one location/ place and that’s the Kenangan one.

    many thanks!

    • HI Joy,

      Sorry for not replying ur comment sooner. I haven’t opened this since forever. The Bikram Yoga studio in KL was actually a fitness center that provides a Bikram Yoga class. Since my friend was a member so I got to try the class for free. I forgot the name of the studio but it was located very close to the KLCC.

      Hope this helps.

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