Twin Towers

Kuala Lumpur is one of the cities that I have visited most often. I don’t think it’s the best holiday destination though, but it’s not that bad either. I have friends that are currently studying there, so everytime I went to malaysia, I usually stayed at their place. my friends live in cyberjaya, it’s around 30 minutes from KL (by car). when i was there, my friends took me around KL. These are the places that we went..

These are the photos from my January 2011 trip. I traveled with my 2 best friends, Runny & Vina.

pavilion, KL
Petrosains, The Discovery Centre, at KLCC
Petrosains, The Discovery Centre, at KLCC
petronas towers
water park at sunway lagoon
‘believe it or not’ at genting highlands


In august 2011, I went to visit my friends again, but this time I traveled alone :” On this trip, me and my friends there, we went on a spontaneous road trip to Langkawi. Langkawi is an archipelago of islands way up in the north of Malaysia and shares the same vegetation and mountain range as Southern Thailand. We started going at 12 am midnight, the journey took us around 6 or 7 hours till we finally arrived at the place where we would catch the ferry to Langkawi. However, we’re not allowed to travel together with the car, so we had to leave our car behind. We parked at the most secure looking parking lot. After 1 hour on the ferry, we finally reached Langkawi safely :”) We then proceeded to rent a car for RM 100 (forgot).

These are the photos from my Langkawi trip

Langkawi’s beach
One of the bars in Langkawi (bar on the beach)

Driving back to KL


In July 2012, me and my friend planned a 2 weeks holiday to KL and Bangkok. On this trip I didn’t go to many new places in KL. but there’s this one restaurant that I love, and I really want to introduce it to you. It’s a Korean restaurant named Uncle Jang, located in mont kiara, Malaysia. The food we ate was called Dak Galbi. From my previous post I did mention that I love Korean food right? Well this is the most delicious Korean food I’ve ever tasted in my life. It’s jincha mashisoyo (delicious).

Dak Galbi at Uncle Jang


1. Rent a car. If you want to travel around KL, renting a car is the best choice.

2. Go on a ROAD TRIP! It’ll be extremely fun

3. Try UNCLE JANG. lol

Happy Traveling,



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