#LalaNyobaProduk – All time favorite skincare products


So many of you have requested this post so here it is, my all-time favorite skincare products that work like magic on my skin.

Skin background: Oily T zone, a bit dry around the cheek area but still on the normal level, hence combination skin. Very sensitive, breakout easily and have big pores around my forehead and nose area.

1. Hada Labo Face Wash


My first hada labo was the AHA/BHA face wash that removes even makeup from your face. I bought that one because I wanted something that’s more practical, so I don’t have to clean my face a few times because it claims that it can also remove your makeup right. And it contains AHA/BHA so it’s good for exfoliation. I LOVE IT! with my sensitive skin, it’s hard to find a face wash that won’t damage my skin.

899d61ceb9505dcb406cb887c022b004However, I read somewhere that it’s not good for sensitive skin to be using AHA/BHA product on a daily basis, but since I already fell in love with hada labo, I decided to try their other face wash and I went with the ultimate whitening one. I’ve been using this product for several years now and will continue using it of course. I have no intention to try other face wash again.

I think that this brand’s formula is very light, and its price is also light. LOL

oh! also for everyone that is looking for an oil cleanser, theirs’ is also good! I tried.

Price: Around IDR 40.000 or $3

Where to buy : Drugstore or online

2. SKII Facial Treatment Clear Lotion / Toner


This is the best hydrating toner EVER! I tried the sample first when I did my skin test at the SKII counter, I did not expect to love it. A few times after I tried it I fell in love with it instantly, it hydrates my skin, cleans my face (again) even after all that washing can’t believe there’s still little dirt left, huh. It also gently exfoliates your skin and the best part is it’s ALCOHOL-FREE! and that’s the reason why this product suits me because my skin usually reacts to a product that contains a high amount of alcohol (when you can smell the alcohol from the product, then that’s bad)

Price: Around IDR 750.000 or $53

Where to buy : SKII counter or online

3. Lancome Advanced Genifique Sensitive Serum


I first got this serum for free as an endorsement, but when I tried it for the first time, instant love! This serum is actually activated for a one-month treatment. So it’s not something that you can use for the long run. It says that after using this serum you can continue with the normal advanced genifique. However, the normal advance genifique does not work for me, so after a few months, I repurchase the sensitive one again.

But for a one-month serum, it’s very pricey. so after 3 bottles, I stopped and I’ve been trying to find other serum that works well on my skin. It’s been a year, still can’t find the one that can beat this serum.

Price: Around IDR 1.200.000 or $89

Where to buy : Lancome counter or online

4. Glow Recipe Watermelon Pink Juice Moisturizer

I cp428819-av-05-zoom.jpgannot get enough of this! My holy grail! it’s a lightweight moisturizer with watermelon extract that has the scent of FRESH watemelon. The texture is gel so it won’t sit on top of the skin like regular moisturizers do for oily skins. For dry skin people, you can use this as a serum also. This product absorbed into the skin fast and leaves your skin feeling so hydrated without the tacky feeling.

Price: Around 600.000 or $39 (at sephora)

Where to buy : Sephora US

5. Badger Sunscreen Face Stick and Supergoop! Mist


My sunblock drama has finally over! I hated sunblock, it always breaks out my skin, leaves my skin greasy and I feel oily the whole day. That’s why for years I skipped this part, However, after realizing how important sunblock is and researching organic sunblocks online, I went with badger organic sunscreen face stick.  It does not contain a lot of toxic ingredients, so plus point. A few days after I tried this, I love that this doesn’t break my skin, it leaves my skin more like dewy than oily (since it also moisturizes the skin). So it’s perfect! it makes my skin looks hydrated. The only downside is that it leaves a slight white cast on the skin, which is not a problem for me since I have fair skin so it’s not very visible, but some of you might hate it. oh, and the SPF is only 35.

71mmxy8YawL._SL1500_Since badger’s SPF is only 35, and I read somewhere that you need to reapply your sunblock every time you’re gonna be exposed to the sun, hence I bought the Supergoop! Defense refresh setting mist spf 50. I use this sunblock for the road, it’s so simple and easy.

Price: Badger – Around IDR 200.000 or $15

Supergoop mist – IDR 250.000 or $18

Where to buy : Sephora or online


Any questions? just drop me a message 🙂






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