My daily skin routine

Hi Everyone! Today I am so excited to share with you my daily skin care routine. My skincare routine is very simple.

So lets start with my skin condition. My skin is very oily on the T-area, and because of that, I have big pores on that area, and my acne-prone area is primarily my forehead. However, because I also have sensitive skin I don’t want to randomly try different products nor go to just any skin doctor for advise.

Lets start with my night routine.

When I go to work, I rarely use make up, I only wear eyeliner , lipstick and my boho powder (it’s organic, super safe and soft, my current favorite)  so after work I only use Maybeline eye makeup remover to remove my make up.

After that I use a cleanser from my doctor, as I said I have very sensitive skin, so I cannot just use any facial cleanser, and this facial cleanser from “smart skin clinic” is very safe for all skin type.

And after my skin is clean, before bed I use my eye cream from it’s skin, its a Korean brand, I bought this when I went to Seoul but you can’t really see the result immediately.


I also use SAMPAR Poreless Magic Peel to moisturize my skin at night. I love this product, the smell is a bit weird, but you’ll get used to it.


My morning Routine

Of course I start by washing my face with my cleanser. I tried  a few moisturizers before, but non of them fit with my skin, currently I’m still trying to find the right moisturizer for my skin, but since I haven’t found it yet,  So I skip the moisturizer part and go straight to eyeliner and boho organic powder.

I fell in love with this powder since the first moment I tried it. The texture is soft.  It sets your make up but it also feels very light. It makes you look natural.


Well basically that’s it! Hahaha it’s super simple, I don’t really use anything heavy daily. But I have extra skin care routine that I use weekly such as GLAM GLOW (already wrote reviews regarding this product).

Oh and also please note that what works best for me, may not work best for you.


Till next time!






  1. Since i have the same skin condition as yours, i guess for daily moisturizer you should try Cetaphil DermaControl Moisturizer with SPF 30. It works really good on my skin 🙂

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