Just realized that I haven’t write anything about the country that I visit most often, Singapore. Well probably because I never really “travel” or explore Singapore. Every time I go there all I did was just wandering around the main streets, eating, and shopping. So there’s nothing much for me to write actually. But I’m just gonna share a little bit of my favorite things and experiences in Singapore.

Universal Studio Singapore.

This is the most famous amusement park in Singapore, the closest one from Jakarta. It gets crowded very easily since so many Indonesian, Malaysian and Singaporean coming to this place. The tix costs around SGD 60. In the park there are several areas with different themes and rides. there are The Lost World, Shrek World/Far far away, Ancient Egypt, Sci-Fi City, and New York area. My favorite rides are the transformers ride and The revenge of the mummy ride.

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Sentosa Island Casino

Since I (almost) always stay in Sentosa island, so at night when I can’t sleep I usually go to this place (the only place that’s still open at 2am). hahaha, Sometimes I just look around, drink free milo. I once tried to play roulette tho, I turned my $10 to $70, and then lost $60, and come back to my room with the same amount that I brought first, which is $10. hahaha


Running Man Fan Meeting

This paragraph doesn’t have anything that’s related to Singapore specifically. Except the fact that I’m flying from Indonesia to Singapore just to watch the Running Man fan meeting. I’M A HUGE FAN OF RUNNING MAN. however, the ticket was sold out so fast, so I was flying out without any tickets, well I thought that there will be people that sells tix there. turns out i was wrong, there were none. but I’m just not ready to give up yet, I sat there waiting until the show starts hoping for a miracle that someone will sell their tix. After hours of waiting, 5 mins before the show starts, when people were already going in, I saw this mother daughter bickering in front of the gate, and then I courageously asked the mother “do you have any tix that you want to sell, I’m willing to pay more than the original price” and then the mother speaks to her daughter in Chinese and then she was like “take it”. and i was like “REALLY?! HOW MUCH?! THANK YOU!!!!!” and then she said “free, for you, my daughter is sick, you can take it”. and this is what my face looked like :O for about 15 sec. and then i screamed THANK YOU 100x. and since then I kinda believed in miracle. weird huh I was watching the fan meeting alone, but that doesn’t stop me from jumping around and yelling like a lunatic. hahaha. I’m not trying to be cheesy about this but seriously guys this experience makes me realize when you really want something, deep down inside you know that there’s still a chance for you (even if its only 1%) and you’re not giving up, eventually you will get it. Starts believe in miracle 🙂

IMG_5413 IMG_5481

LeeSSang’s Concert

A few months just after the Running man fan meeting, I saw it on the sistic’s web that Leessang was also coming to Singapore. Because of the running man’s experience, I hurriedly bought the tix on the first day. I travel alone to watch the concert. I remember waiting in line for 4 hours. the concert tix costs me around SGD150 (I forgot the exact price). I had lots of fun tho! even though I was lost on my way to the venue. But the concert was amazing :”) everything was worth it.

IMG_7171 FullSizeRender

And on the next day, they had another fan meeting for the people who bought the concert’s tix. It took me more than an hour to find the venue using google maps. When I finally arrived, I was already a bit late, so I was standing on the back. However, a few minutes after that they announced that they will randomly picked a number from the concert ticket and the winner will get to go up on stage and take a photo with the member. and fortunately MY NUMBER CAME OUT! hahaha what a lucky trip :”””””) It was one of the happiest moment of my life!


 Maison De Kukkia

This is a snack that I ALWAYS buy every time I go to Singapore. My favorite snack of all time! they sell this in ION Orchard, basement floor. I forgot the name of the store tho, but they only sell Japanese snacks there. It’s very easy to find.

IMG_3650 IMG_4867


The famous macaroon store in Paris is now available in Takashimaya, ground floor (in front of chanel).


Mc Donald’s Strawberry Milkshake.

I LOVE THIS SINCE FOREVER. I remember that I used to buy this milkshake in McD kemang when I was still in elementary school. But I don’t know why they stop selling it in Indonesia. So every time I went abroad, at least once, I always drink this baby :”)


Orchard’s Christmas Decoration

Orchard road is especially beautiful every time Christmas come. I don’t celebrate Christmas, but I always love the atmosphere, the feeling and all the euphoria that Christmas brings.


Massage Chair at Changi Airport

I can just sit here for hours. After days of walking, this just feels amazing.



They sell all sorts of candy and chocolates here. It is located in Sentosa in front of the Universal Studio’s globe.


Hotels in Sentosa Island.

There are total 8 hotels in sentosa island , and I’ve tried 5 of them. There’s nothing special about their hotels. But my favorite were Crockfords tower and Hard Rock Hotel. They’re super comfy!

In the bathroom, there’s a tv on the mirror, which was really cool hahaha
Hard Rock's Pool
Hard Rock’s Pool


My favorite store! I can stay at this store for hours. I just love everything they have ❤ IMG_3701

There are so many places and other things that I want to see in Singapore, but never get the chance to explore. Maybe next time when I go to Singapore I’ll go visit other unique and new places there. Well I think that’s all for now.

Happy traveling 🙂




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