Bali’s Real Paradise


I’ve visited Bali a couple of times in the past few months. I just love Bali, I don’t know why I just think Bali gets me. hahaha. Well besides the food and the amazing beach clubs, of course what people are really looking for when they go to Bali it’s the beautiful beaches. So here are a few deserted (secret) beaches that I’ve visited:

1. Mengiat Beach

I love this beach!!!! it’s uber clean, it’s blue, the waves are not very big and we can swim in the water. It’s pretty quiet and completely free.

This beach is located in Nusa Dua. There’s a cafe located very close to the beach, you can order food while enjoying the view of the beach.





2. Suluban Beach

I’ve wrote a review about this beach before, you can read it here

IMG_8542 IMG_8597

3. Nyang Nyang Beach

This is the beach that I recently visited. This beach is located in Uluwatu, you can look it up in google maps for directions. One thing that I should worn you is that, it’s a long way down! i’m not kidding.  it takes around 30-minute to walk down the 500+ steps from the cliff’s edge to the beach. Make sure you wear a comfortable shoes because the track is not very friendly. To be honest it’s almost feel like we’re trekking a mountain hahaha.

Anyway, this beach is very deserted, when me and my boyfriend went there, really, we’re the only 2 people there! it’s like our own private beach. We’re like “it’s this the right place?” “no one’s here” “I think we’re lost”, we’re so confused. But after a few minutes, there’s also a group of friends entering the beach.

A little tip, before you go down, bring towel, food and drinks. And visit this beach with your group of friends, it really feels like you own the beach hahaha.

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That’s all for now!

Happy Traveling




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