Holiday in the sun

Just got home from my Bali (again) trip last week, a quick trip to relieve all the stress and pressure :”)

The reason why I went to Bali is because I have to attend a wedding on the 25th of October, even though the wedding is only a day, but we stayed in Bali for 5 days. I know.. I know.. you’re right, the wedding is just an excuse. LOL.


I went to Bali with 4 of my friends.We stayed at Villa Shanti in Chaggu area. It’s a bit far from the center of the city, however, it’s worth it! The villa was beautiful, spacious, and relaxing. We got free breakfast and cleaning service everyday. But the downside of this villa is that there are so many bugs here!!! since there are lots of plants, trees and the bathroom is outdoor, so there are lots of small animals there. oh, not just small ones, there is also a big cicak/lizzard. It’s not cicak tho, similar, only bigger. We can see them in the yard, and sometimes even in the room. HAHAHA. For you who are scared of bugs, well.. I don’t recommend you to stay at this place.

IMG_7942 IMG_7940 Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset


Enough about the villa, now I want to share with you the beautiful wedding that I attended. The wedding was held in Alila Villas Soori, Tabanan, it’s a one and a half hour ride from the central of the city. Thankfully the weather was really nice, the sun was shining brightly and the sky was so clear. And the most most beautiful part was the sunset! the color was so pretty, part pink, part purple and part orange. It was so romantic….

IMG_8270 IMG_8344 IMG_8359

Later that night, there were lots of performances, foods, and drinks. Eventho the whole wedding was so tiring, but I had an amazing time there! we arrived at 4 something, and went home at 2 am. Imagine how tired we were the day after the wedding.


This place is not very far from our place, it’s still in the same area with our villa. It is not hard to find this place, just go straight until the end of Pantai Batu Bolong Street then you’ll find Kakilima on your right.

The atmosphere was really nice, is was colorful and fun. we can see a lot of kids playing on the grass with their friends and pets. When we arrived, it feels like entering a peaceful and picturesque scene. We can enjoy our food with a beautiful sunset view.

The decor was very unique and colorful yet relaxed and family friendly. There are cushions with low tables on the grass out front and a choice of areas to eat and lounge.



It was my 2nd visit. This restaurant is located in seminyak. My friends love this place, they love their grilled chicken.


I’ve tried their grilled chicken before, so this time a tried another menu, the grilled beef and cheese panini. I know, the picture is mouthwatering. hahaha

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset


We decided to try this place because our friend recommend it. She said the wagyu burger is super tasty. So we tried it. It’s really pricey, 150K rupiah for an extremely small burger. and the medium size burger was around 250ish. Honestly the burger was pretty tasty, but with that kind of price, it’s still not worth it.


We were spending our lazy sunday taking photos and laying on this beach. Located after padang padang beach. Just follow the road until you find the parking lot. You have to go through a lot of steps to go down to the beach. The stairs are more friendly that the one in padang padang beach.This beach is so different in comparison to all the other beaches in bali. There were many big rocks, corals and small caves. The sea water is crystal clear and refreshing.

IMG_8606 IMG_8542 IMG_8597 IMG_8786IMG_8669


This is the highlight of my trip. My favorite restaurant in Bali. Where you can find the most amazing, delicious, tastiest steak in the whole planet!!! the price is 180K, a bit expensive but WORTH IT!! I’m not exaggerating, really, you HAVE to (MUST) try it. The name of the menu is entre code, costs around 180K.



Happy Traveling!





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