Gosh I totally forgot to write about this place, I went to this place a loooong time ago (when i was still in high school). Belitung has one of the most beautiful beaches i’ve ever seen, well probably the most beautiful one i’ve seen so far. Really, it’s magnificent.

Belitung island is an island located in the Bangka Belitung Province of the east coast of Sumatra Island. I went there with my friends for a magazine shoot. Back then not many people are interested on visiting this place, so it’s very exciting to go somewhere new and uncommon. The island of Belitung has only really hit the headlines and became frequently visited by tourists since the box-office success of the film Laskar Pelangi. The truth is, because it was a long time ago, i forgot many things from the trip. hahaha. so i’m just gonna write what i remember.

The easiest way to get to Belitung Island is by airplane. direct to H.A.S. Hanandjoeddin Airport in Tanjung Pandan, Belitung. The only airlines that will take you there are sriwijaya and batavia air. There are now regular daily flights to TanjungPandan airport on Belitung from Jakarta with Sriwijaya Air and Batavia Air.

We stayed at this hotel near the laskar pelangi beach. the laskar pelangi beach was so beautiful

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Compared with other more bustling tourist islands in Indonesia, one of the nicest aspects of Belitung is the lack of any major tourist developments or resorts. But the downside of this is that it can be hard to get around. There is very little public transport on the island, which makes it necessary to rent a car and driver on a daily basis. And accommodations outside the two main towns are limited.

Because it was a really short trip (3days2nights) I cannot visit that many places. The most amazing place there was the island in the middle of the sea. It was a really small island, not that far from laskar pelangi beach, it was really2 beautiful, and me and my friends were the only people there, it was like our own private island. hahaha. I also visited Lengkuas island. Lengkuas Island is the site of a 19thcentury antique light house. The Light House was built in Dutch colonial times and offers a beautiful overview of the area. It was incredibly pretty :”) and because the water is so clean we can see a lot of starfish in the water.

oh! and don’t get me started on the food! SEAFOOD i mean! It was so fresh, super delicious, the shrimp was huge, almost like a lobster. the fish meat was sweet, you’ll love it!

well, because It was a really short trip, so there wasn’t much to talk about. But trust me, you definitely have to visit this place, it was breathtaking. All the huge rocks, sea, island, sands, everything was just so beautiful. it’s a must visit place!


Happy traveling


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