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Lately I’ve been thinking really hard on how I wanted my life to be. I have dreams right? everybody has dreams. But because of some circumstances, I can’t achieve some of mine, one of those dreams that I can’t achieve is living a ‘YOLO’ life, which for me are traveling the world for a few months, going on lots of road trips, live in another country, find a job and make friends in other countries, etc. My mom is pretty strict so those things are out of the list since the day I was born (no wonder they call it dreams). And now that I’m married I got more reasons why I can’t do all of that. I have to sacrifice those dreams for the people I love, and I have a new duty as a wife. Whenever I think that I’m wasting my time on earth I think positively that god has another reason why all of this happened, and my current life is the best way to live. I’ve never regretted that I got married in a young age, I found the love of my life and I don’t think there’s anyone in the world can surpass my husband. I am beyond lucky that I got to marry the nicest, funniest, most understanding, most hard working person I’ve ever met, a handsome guy and a real gentleman. I’m so grateful and am extremely happy.

Just recently I turned down one of my dream companies. I decided to resign from my current job, I got offers from 2 companies, both gave me a really great offer and position, however one of them is my “always wanted to work there” company. It’s so difficult to be accepted there so of course when I got the job I was excited like crazy. But the problem is that I have to sacrifice my time. To be honest if I’m still single no doubt I will take that company, I don’t care about the workload or time, I’m excited to learn and go thru all the process to improve my career and knowledge. However, it’s different now, apparently I have different priorities after I got married (obviously), I have a new family I can’t go home at 8pm everyday, if I do that I would let my life with them pass by just like that, we’ll be too busy to do anything. So I let my dream job go because I have other responsibilities and priorities. Trust me, it was one of the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make in my life. Even until now I still wonder will I regret this decision in the future or not.

Last month when I was in New York, while I was walking down the streets looking around me and thinking (If only I could live here with all these people), I think about my priorities, I decided to move on from all the unimportant drama about career and think about something that really matters in life, which is life itself. So other than ‘I have to do great in my next company’, I also need to live and embrace my personal life. live a balance life.

I live for 2 things, people and moment. My family and friends are the most important things in my life, no doubt about that. So making them happy and being able to give them something is very satisfying. Your relationship with other people is life, being CONSIDERATE is veeeery important. Understand that consideration is what help you to help yourself and other people. Avoiding dramas and negative people are also a must, if you think some people are bad for your life, avoid them, lose to win, just nod and go, think “whatever, you’re mean (or inconsiderate, or evil or just crazy), I don’t want you to be in my life”, and that’s what I did. Don’t waste your time arguing about something that you think will just waste your energy, again, just nod and go. Some people think that it’s all just an excuse to ran from my problems, but really it is not that I don’t want to deal with it or give my argument, I just don’t think the drama or the argument is worth my energy that’s all. Good vibes and good people only right? 🙂

Live in the moment! when I thought that I can’t live a YOLO life the way I wanted, now I’m trying to be as YOLO as I possibly can in this situation. Traveling as much as I can, as much as possible! My motto is that as long as I’m not harming other people, you do what you want and I do what I want. I’m sorry for being selfish sometimes, I know my responsibilities and would never neglect that, ever, but if I have the slightest chance to do what I want, I’ll do it, and YOU SHOULD TOO.

So when I have problems or have to make any decisions in life, I think to myself  “what is life really about?”, I go back to ‘People and Moment’ and the answer will come after that.

What do you think your life is about? share it 🙂







5 thoughts on “What life is about

  1. Dear kak Lala,

    Selalu seneng baca posting-an kakak tentang apapun di blog ini. Harus diakui kalo kak Lala punya ‘senses of writing’ yang oke punya hihi.
    So happy karena ternyata aku nggak sendirian di tengah ke-pusing-an mikir tentang “what life is about “. Aku pribadi juga berpikir kalo goals terbesar dalam hidup itu kalo bisa bahagiain orang2 yang selalu kasih positive vibes ke kita.
    Thanks karena udah kasih inside2 baru 🙂

  2. Hi kak, a nice thought!

    i also thinking the same way with you about the career thing. at the same time, it makes wonder whether should we choose between career or family? this whole time, i take Sheryl Sandberg in her book, Lean In as my mundane bible to survive adulting as a lady. Sherly does not give up on her career nor neglect her family. However, to see the truth especially in our country, it’s so damn hard. Many women that i know can’t take it both. it’s a matter of choice.

    this is confusing. do you have any idea of this? what do you think?


    • well basically sebenernya you can do both sih, career and family bisa jalan bersamaan. however, what kind of career are you pursuing, what kind of job juga. the problem is not in the career tapi the time. Menurut aku as long as time wise youe career ga take too much of your time, you can actually do both 🙂

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