I went to thailand last january, and it was AWESOME! i went with my two friends. we spent 10 days there. we stayed 3 days in phuket and 6 days in bangkok.

on the first day, after we arrived at the suvarnabhumi airport we went straight to the bangkok’s southern bus terminal to catch the 7pm bus to phuket. it costed around 1000 baht for the VIP bus ($30), The journey took about 14 hours, fortunately the bus is comfortable. 

In phuket, we stayed at this hotel called the kee, it was around $100-150/night. the hotel was great! great location (in front of patong beach).

the next day we went to the beautiful phi2 island

Hat maya/ maya bay beach, it was where hollywood movie “The Beach” was filmed.

In phi2 island, we went snorkeling and monkey feeding

The view there was beyond amazing, it’s a perfect place to enjoy  your leisure time, it’s beautiful, and peaceful. Thank God the weather was also amazing when i was there.

On the 4th day we took a flight back to bangkok (we’re so tired we don’t think we can take another 13 hours sitting on a bus). we stayed at bangkok park plaza sukhumvit. the first thing people think when they hear bangkok is shopping. everything can be criminally cheap in bangkok (esp food).

one of the most famous shopping places in bangkok is chaktuchak / weekend market *because it only opens on saturday and sunday. chaktuchak sells EVERYTHING, from clothes, food, books, plants, to animals, they have it all. it opens at 10am-6pm.


but my favorite shopping place was not chaktuchak, it’s platinum shopping center. it has air conditioning systems, clean, organized (but same price as chaktuchak).

I said it before that bangkok cuisine can be outstanding and cheap. try eating at terminal 21 mall’s food court, you can enjoy cheap eats in the luxury of air-conditioning. my favorite thai food: PAD THAI, tom yum goong (spicy shrimp soup), mango sticky rice, and khao niao turian (durian in coconut milk).





oh! almost forgot, there’s also this unique mall called  mansion 7, the main thing in this mall is the haunted house. It’s 180 baht per person. i didn’t get a chance to try this because me and my friend chickened out after watching the preview (imagine “mirror”, “shutter”, etc).

Overall, I love Thailand, the people are nice, everything is cheap, and the food is just indescribable :”)


1. Tuktuk is fun 😀 but be careful of tuk2 drivers.

2. ‘Cheap but good’ hotel : bangkok city hotel

3. Bargain everything that has no tag price

4. Use BTS or MRT, it’s the most convenient  transportation.

Happy Traveling ❤



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